Success Story

We update our feedback after each fundraising season – we can’t possibly include all the great comments we get, so we pick some of our favorites! Thanks for stopping by our “Success” page!

“Our school responded positively to the products offered on the website. As the fundraising chair, I enjoyed working with Jeanne {Account Manager} and getting her personal attention. I appreciated hearing her story and retelling it to the PTA board which got people on board with the idea of a brand-new fundraiser. ”

-Carolyn, Portland, OR


“..Just to let you know everyone was very happy with their orders, they looked great and we could feel the love and dedication put into every single one…

– Liseth, Miami, FL


“..I used one of my soy candles last night and love it!”

-Michelle, Portland, OR


“We did receive our order last week- thanks all your hard work!”

-Claudia, Huntington Beach, CA