How it Works

Register Your School or Non-Profit

Simply fill out the on-line registration form, and upon approval, you will be able to start raising funds within 1-5 business days. Sign-up is 100% free.

In order to provide the best possible customer service, we limit the number of fundraisers each season. If you have raised funds with us in the past, we always honor that relationship for future years.We have overwhelming response and feedback to our fundraisers each year, so we honor schools on a first come, first serve basis.

Hybrid Fundraiser

We have launched an Online hybrid program for Fall Fundraising 2010. We are an eco-friendly company, so we have slowly gotten away from the big catalogs (we have discontinued the catalog option this year.) We have found is that 70% of parents want to buy their products Online so that they can complete their orders during the work day or because they want the convenience of paying with a credit card.

Our new program allows PTA/PTO groups two options:

  1. To send home an order sheet. It is sometimes helpful from a marketing perspective to have something for the child to put in front of the parent. Parents can view all available products on our website, then fill out the order sheet. Parents return the order sheet along with payment to the PTA/PTO group.
  2. To send home an announcement about the fundraiser, then parents place their order Online. They may choose to have the shipment shipped directly to their homes (individual shipping fees apply) or in the school’s bulk shipment (no individual shipping fees.)




  1. Register online at our website to participate in our hybrid or Online programs. If your school has registered already, please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL to request a start date (September 1st is the DEADLINE.)
  2. Please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL to order sheets for your Fall Fundraiser should you like to offer the Hybrid program as described above.

Catalog Fundraiser (Not Available for Fall 2010 – please substitute with NEW! Hybrid Fundraisier)

Our paper catalog ordering works as a traditional catalog fundraiser. Simply register for the Online Fundraiser, THEN email us at info@ecolabelfundraising.com. We send you the catalogs and order forms. After you compile the orders from your supporters, you simply send us a check along with your order slips. After receiving your orders and payment, you should expect to receive your products within 3-5 weeks. The organization earns 45% of the sales (less bulk shipping charges.) It is recommended that you choose a period of 2 weeks to conduct your catalog drive. For Spring, fundraisers may be conducted during the month of April. For Fall, fundraisers may be conducted October – November.

Website Fundraiser

Website drives are the fastest way to start earning money for your organization. Your supporters will choose from a wide variety of eco-friendly products on our website. After registering your organization, your supporters can start shopping to benefit your organization. EcoLabel Fundraising will donate 40% of each sale to the organization. Website sales are paid at the end of a specific drive period or quarterly.

We recommend you pick 2-3 weeks to designate as a “drive period” for your website fundraiser. For Spring, fundraisers may be conducted during the month of April. For Fall, fundraisers may be conducted October – November.

Your supporters may choose to have their orders shipped directly to the school at no charge to the supporter. This option is available at checkout.

Your organization’s homepage should contain a link to our site so that your supporters may easily find our site to start shopping on your behalf.

We would like to thank the guys at this coupon site for their help and donations.

Online Fundraising Reports

By choosing to place your orders on-line, your chairperson will have access to up-to-date, on-line fundraising reports which makes for easy record keeping.

Ideas for Fundraising

Supporting your fundraising efforts is not only our mission, but it is our company culture. It is our goal to help you with ideas, give you event ideas and generate interest around your fundraising events. We’re here and happy to help, so just email us.